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Lab Grown Meat

Our sponsors and partners help make the HEALinc Future Health Summits a success. We extend a special thanks to the 2024 HEALinc Summit sponsors and partners.

We are delighted to introduce our HEALinc360 Affiliates packages, which are personalized to suit the needs of our many affiliates.

Our Affiliates packages are for highly motivated biotech teams and companies committed to developing and delivering high-quality regenerative therapies and improving access to longevity and regenerative therapies for patients everywhere.

Benefits include:

  • Supporting longevity and regenerative therapy ecosystems in theCaribbean and other jurisdictions outside the US

  • Speaker/sponsor benefits at the 2025 HEALinc Summit, including a booth in Exhibition Hall

  • 35-minute speaking slot on the main stage

  • Other speaker/VIP networking opportunities at the HEALAfrica Festival (starting October 2024) and the virtual HEALinc Summits (starting January 2025)

Contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss the HEALinc360 Affiliates package that’s right for you.
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