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Welcome to HEALinc360

Fueling Connections, Conversations, and Learnings Beyond The HEALinc Summit

Advancing the future of healthcare through cutting-edge technology, mentorship of future leaders, education on scientific breakthroughs, and creative healing products.

2023 HEALinc Summit, April 17th-19th


An Ecosystem of Wellbeing to Cultivate Mental Health, Post-Traumatic Growth, and Quality of Life 

Dr. Cassandra Vieten, PhD

Director, John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation; 

Director, Center for Mindfulness, University of California, San Diego

Cultivating mental and emotional health and wellbeing is crucial to not only living a long and healthy life, but elevating quality of life. In this presentation you will learn how mental health and wellbeing is being redefined, and how it can be cultivated using an ecosystem of factors that work together to foster emotional balance and psychological thriving. We will also discuss practices and tools for supporting post-traumatic growth, and how positive stress can be used to build resilience.

2023 HEALinc Summit, April 17th-19th


The Evolution of Human Aging Offers Insights into Potential Therapeutic Countermeasures

Dr. Ian A. White, MS, PhD, FACRM

CEO/CSO of Neobiosis and VP of The American College of Regenerative Medicine

The loss of tissue-specific stem cells capable of repair and regeneration in adults drives the biological process that we recognize as “aging.” Reversal and recovery of stem cell regenerative functions in aged individuals is now being realized thanks to advances in the field of regenerative medicine through the study of species, which are able to naturally slow and even reverse the aging process.

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2023 HEALinc Summit, April 17th-19th


Senolytics and The Future of Longevity Medicine

Dr. Paul Robbins, PhD, Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics; Associate Director of The Institute on Biology of Aging and Metabolism, University of Minnesota

What are senolytics? What are senolytics-based therapies, and why are they important for longevity medicine? This presentation discusses the importance of senolytics and the strengths and shortcomings of the current approaches to futuristic senolytics-based therapies.

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Here's what people are saying:

Dr. Ian White, 2023 HEALinc Speaker and Sponsor
Dr. Ian White
Pranela Rameshwar
Dr. Pranela Rameshwar

“I loved this Summit. I enjoyed the broad scope and the different speakers in attendance. My favorite part was the panel discussions. More conferences need these sessions – it gives the

audience the opportunity

to interact.”

– Dr. Ian White, 2023/2024  HEALinc Speaker and Sponsor

“As someone deeply invested in continuous learning, research and as a speaker at the HEALinc Summit, I believe this forum is an invaluable experience as it contributes to a broad area of health. The fusion of art and science, coupled with insights from top-tier speakers, not only broadened my knowledge but also provided me with a unique platform to connect with like-minded professionals. The event's focus on cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs in longevity and regenerative technologies, making this summit a truly enriching and rewarding experience.

– Dr. Pranela Rameshwar, 2023/2024

HEALinc Speaker

Greg Grinberg, 2023 HEALinc Speaker and Sponsor
Greg Grinberg

“I loved the lineup of speakers and the many opportunities for real connection. The dinner

event on the beach was absolutely fantastic. [Dr. Cox] is a fantastic host. Her enthusiasm and profound affection and respect for all working towards our common cause comes through in her stage presence and thoughtful discussion questions posed to speakers.”

– Greg Grinberg, 2023 HEALinc Speaker and Sponsor

Rajeev Prasad_edited.jpg
Rajeev Prasad

As Founder and CEO of River Publishers, I am excited about our collaboration with the esteemed HEALinc Summit. By publishing scientific presentations from the Summit in the International Journal of Translational Sciences, we aim to contribute to the global dissemination of valuable research in regenerative medicine and longevity. This partnership aligns with our commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and promoting advancements in translational sciences, ultimately benefiting the wider scientific community and advancing the future of healthcare.

Rajeev Prasad, Founder and CEO of River Publishers 

Jean Hebert
Dr. Jean Hebert

"What I most liked about the 2023 HEALinc Summit was the diversity of health/longevity-related speakers and topics covered, from the overview from the Minister of Health to the nuts and bolts of biological aging and how to counter it. The venue was also awesome."

– Jean Hebert, Ph.D.,

2023 HEALinc Speaker 

Jeff McNairy, 2023 HEALinc Sponsor and Speaker
Dr. Jeff McNairy

“I liked all the speakers and topics discussed. Everything was very interesting. I appreciated how orderly,

on-point and timely each speaker was, as regulated by Dr. Cox.”

Dr. Jeff McNairy, 2023/2024

HEALinc Sponsor and Speaker


Rave Reviews from 2023 HEALinc Summit Delegates

“The conference was a great opportunity for us to meet relevant and interesting partners/potential collaborators within the Bahamian and American stem cell/longevity ecosystem. The speakers presented truly interesting scientific findings related to the [field], which will strengthen our knowledge and inspire our future research.”

– Isak Nylen on behalf of Cellcolabs, 2023 HEALinc Sponsor

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