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Creativity-Health-Tech Podcast

Welcome to the launch of the HEALinc Creativity-Health-Tech Podcast, where we delve deeper into the minds shaping the future of regenerative health. Join us as we sit down with esteemed long-time sponsors and brilliant speakers who have graced the HEALinc Summit stage in the Bahamas.

Since 2019, a year following our Inaugural HEALinc Summit held at the Melia Hotel, HEALinc has actively embraced the Creativity-Health-Tech dimension of our vision. This commitment was realized through the launch of the Creativity-Health-Tech Exhibition Hall during the 2019 Summit, seamlessly integrating art exhibitions with cutting-edge demonstrations in longevity and regenerative medicine technology. The 2023 HEALinc Summit's Creativity-Health-Tech space enjoyed significant success, and the 2024 HEALinc Exhibition Hall aims to elevate this integration to unprecedented heights.


In each episode of our Creativity-Health-Tech podcast, we’ll unravel the insights, passions, and groundbreaking ventures that emerged from the HEALinc Summit. Tune in if you want to be the first to discover the innovations transforming healthcare, uncover the secrets to a healthier and longer life, and be part of the conversation driving the next wave of advancements in regenerative medicine and biotech.

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